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Our world is in desperate need of compassion. How do we increase the collective compassion around us? It begins with us. Self-compassion cultivated through intentional practice. Amy Pattee Colvin expertly guides her students through the steps for developing compassion for ourselves, laying the groundwork for sharing compassion with those around us. I appreciate the practical techniques and interactive mediation practices, incorporating movement, to assist our minds in maintaining focus. Amy is a gifted teacher exuding compassion. Give yourself the gift of compassion by taking this course. If this course were not offered online, I would not have been able to attend. The online format was effective and creates unparalleled availability.

Connie Baker, MS, CHTP, Executive Director of the Wong-Baker FACES Foundation, Co-creator of the Wong-Baker FACES ® Pain Rating Scale

With people like you, who are willing tho share their knowledge, I have ope that the whole world can become a more peaceful and loving place. ~ Bonny McMahon

I am so grateful to have stumbled on the opportunity to participate in Amy’s Cultivating Compassionate Balance course. It was such perfect timing for me. I feel that Compassion training and practice is something I can and do resonate with (and that is huge, believe me :), and that I can and want to be with and continue to grow with. This is a path for coming home to myself and the world. ~ K.H.

Thank you.Compassion Expressed Thank you. Thank you for giving me the tools and helping me to have the courage to show my light and to be grateful and kind. It’s just amazing the work that I’m continuing to do and that I did with you in the weekend workshop. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ~ P. S.

Thank you again for a wonderful CCB course! It helped deepen my understanding of meditation and compassion and I have already began to use some of the techniques presented in my personal practice and to enrich my work as a massage therapist. I was unsure at first how well the online format would work with meditation, but it was wonderful! ~ Dawn R.

Amy is a great instructor and facilitator. There are many disciplines, in addition to massage therapy, that could benefit from the lessons and meditation practices presented in this course. I wholeheartedly recommend it as valuable continuing education massage Benefits of Compassionpractitioners. ~W. J.

This CCB class was wonderful. Easy to access from anywhere. I was travelling at the time and as long as I got the time right (different time zone) it worked from near and far. And it was a very satisfying, touching, deepening and expanding experience. Amy is wonderful as a facilitator as well! Its well worth the little time it takes. ~ Sandy S.

Amy is a great instructor. She creates a supportive and effective learning environment for everyone. I’m aware I’ve kept a ‘protective shell’ around me much of my life and this class has helped me feel able to loosen that some and explore ways to feel less need for that barrier….although that is still going to take a lot of work. I think compassion for self was a very valuable aspect of the course for me. I felt it helped me grow in the area of forgiveness and setting personal boundaries, but with compassion rather than anger or defensiveness. ~ D. D.

Through this class it is becoming easier to deal with people I find to be difficult and to be compassionate towards myself (which was my main goal). ~ M. G. 

I have nPractice Self Compassiono doubt Amy walks this walk. She brought personal experience to every session. I loved the ideas for informal practices and found I used them every day. I discovered I had more presence of mind to calm myself in a moment. Whether it was being compassionate with myself or taking a moment to breathe before engaging with a difficult person or situation.  ~ S. N.

I really liked the class structure: the meditation, large group discussion, and small group exercises. Amy’s had a great sense of timing and used humor as well as warmth and compassion to bring our group together and keep us on track and focused. I learned I CAN meditate! It became easier and easier helping me have a deeper understanding of self. I feel more calm, present, and less judgmental; happier in little small ways throughout the day. ~ L. D.

This class has given me insight into the many subtle ways in which I have compromised compassion for myself. What a gift to be able to say authentically and clearly, “no thank you.” To feel and understand that I’m not being selfish when I desire healthy alone time to recharge my batteries. To be able to say NO without feeling selfish and guilt ridden. That is the biggest gift I’ve received from this course. The second is the subtle awareness of when I’m being cynical and critical instead of accepting what is in any situation. I can “do my best and let go of the rest” has the feeling of a big load being lifted off my shoulders. So, I’m appreciative of the opportunity to experience this class. I’m confident I will carry the lessons relearned and reminded of while going forward and continue to practice them in my daily life. Thank you so much Amy. ~ P. W.