Garden BuddhaOur goal, at Compassionate Balance Meditation, is to help you learn and practice practical tools and techniques to help you live a more peaceful, accepting, and compassionate life.  We offer a variety of programs which explore ideas to help you live a balanced life with awareness, mindfulness, and loving kindness.

Cultivating Mindful Compassion (CMC) is our comprehensive course blending psychological theories and current research findings with ancient teachings of Taoism and Buddhism. This program offers pragmatic tools and techniques to help you become more aware of the present moment, how to communicate more authentically, and to become more accepting and compassionate toward self and others. CMC is offered in an multi-week or weekend format. And is offered both in-person and online

Sum Faht Meditation blends stillness and movement

Online courses may seem counter intuitive when we think of meditation, and yet the flexibility and function of an online platform allows people from all over the world to join together to learn this unique style of meditation. Click here for more explanation of the benefits of joining a program online.

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