Morning Meditation

start-your-day-with-joypeacemindfulnesscompassionDo you have trouble:

  • Getting your mind to settle down
  • Sticking to a regular meditation practice
  • Finding the time to build regular meditation into your daily life

Then Morning Meditation is for you.

Join our group for daily guided mediation every Monday through Friday (5:30am PST, 8:30am EST) via conference call to ensure you create time for your daily meditation. REGISTER HERE

Each session is 25 minutes, starting with gentle qi gong/stretching to get our energy flowing and our muscles relaxed, 15-20 minutes of guided meditation, followed by a few minutes for reflection about the day ahead.

“These morning calls have helped me maintain a commitment to daily meditation and are a great way to start the day. Amy’s voice is soothing and relaxing, and she give me new tools and ideas to integrate throughout my day. I am truly grateful for this practice!” Hope Willy

Think of it like joining a gym, art, or yoga class with a focus on strengthening your peace of mind, resilience, and creativity. Knowing that we’ll be together, every Monday-Friday, is an incentive to committing to a regular meditation practice!

The program is offered for a monthly fee of $60 USD. Calls are held at 5:30am PST, 8:30am EST, Monday through Friday. You’ll receive the access phone number upon registering. 

Morning Meditation

  • Is way better than hitting the snooze button
  • Provides accountability for your regular meditation practice
  • Is a great daily dose of positivity (kick your day off right!)
  • Hosts an amazing community of like-minded people
  • Can be accessed via phone (yes, you can wear your jammies while meditating!)

You know someone else who’d be interested in this program? Forward them this website—they’ll be glad you did!

Don’t spend another day intending to start your regular meditation practice—act now. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our daily call!

Talk with you soon!