Compassion in HealthcareStress is inherent to the healthcare industry and may negatively affect healthcare workers. Stress and pressure may lead to empathy fatigue, increased depression, decreased job satisfaction, sleep disturbances, physical fatigue, disrupted personal relationships, and psychological distress.

Healthcare workers may eventually suffer from burnout, which ultimately may result in sub-optimal patient care and an inability to offer care with compassion. Programs offered by Compassionate Balance Meditation such as Cultivating Mindful Compassion (CMC), or the Cultivating Compassion Club provide caregivers with the valuable tools they need to practice present moment awareness and enhanced intuition, which may mitigate or eliminate errors, and connect with patients and themselves in a compassionate, sustainable way.

The 7-week CMC course qualifies for 14 CEUs for Massage Therapists as do the weekend workshops. Check with your local laws to see CMC qualifies for CEUs in your field.

In this course, healthcare providers will learn how to:

  • Increase kindness, compassion, and acceptance for self and others
  • Develop profound levels of serenity and resilience
  • Calm the mind and direct thoughts more positively
  • Sharpen the ability to focus and pay attention
  • Reduce judgment and criticism for self and others

Resulting benefits include:

  • Heightened ability to handle stressful work situations
  • More authentic connections with patients and co-workers
  • Better ability to engage and collaborate with team members
  • Increased job fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Reduced empathy fatigue

Training is available either in-person or online via an 7-week program or may be customized into shorter workshops for your organization. Click here to submit a request form for an on-site 7-week program or customized workshop.