Cultivating Compassion Club

“Cultivating Compassion Club is a supportive and uplifting way to dedicate time, compassion and energy for oneself, so that one can authentically and graciously dedicate time, compassion and energy to others. Amy’s experience and expertise serve as a gentle guide for each participant in their path towards more ease and joy for life.” MPP

Cultivating Compassion ClubHave you ever:

  • found yourself losing sleep due to worry or had days when you’re down in the dumps and feel like you can’t shake it?
  • felt lonely even though you’re surrounded by people or ruminated over past resentments even though you’d like to let them go?
  • found your inner critic occasionally controlling your thoughts, reducing your capacity for self-kindness, productivity, or creativity?

At one time or another, all of us struggle with these challenges, and the Cultivating Compassion Club is here to help! 

“Amy is an excellent group moderator. I was impressed by her ability to tie our discussions back to the overall theme of compassion that we were focusing on. The group discussions were encouraging, comfortable and I left feeling lighter and thoughtful of things I would like to implement in my practice of mediation and self compassion.” Melissa Kinsky

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In Cultivating Compassion: Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience, I leads readers through a step-by-step exploration of personal values and thought patterns and offer guidance through inspirational themes, self-reflection questions, and suggestions for daily action.

Now you can take these teachings one step further by joining the Cultivating Compassion Club.

“Amy is fabulous and true to her book–she is compassionate! I loved how involved and heard I felt. I valued connecting with Amy and the other women in a way that was deeper than I initially thought would occur. Thank you, Amy!” Rose B

If you desire positive personal growth, are willing to authentically share challenges and successes, and enjoy supporting others in their development this program is for YOU!

These weekly small group video calls and private forum provide motivation, challenge, and support. It is a unique opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded people focused on personal growth, self-acceptance, and wellbeing.

Cultivating Compassion Club provides:

  • Weekly small group meditation, coaching, and conversation sessions geared toward helping you move toward peace of mind and resilience
  • Support from like-minded people who are inspired grow and become even better
  • Daily inspirations and rich conversation via a private FB group
  • Access to a library of my guided meditations, with new additions monthly

“I have very few people that I can talk to about compassionate meditation. I enjoyed getting to meet interesting people I would not have met otherwise. The discussions were good reminders to have compassion towards ourselves and extending out to others. It is a safe space to practice in. I think it is making a difference.” Theresa Williams

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ENROLL NOW to select your preferred video group time. Only $85/month