Benefits of Cultivating Compassion

Benefits of CompassionCompassion arises from an awareness of difficulties for self and others, an emotional resonance with those difficulties, and a desire to take action to help alleviate those difficulties.

At one time or another we all face difficult and/or stressful situations. We all suffer in some way. Everyday stress, social pressures, and life experiences may make it difficult to fully express compassion. However, humans have a natural capacity for loving kindness and compassion. 

Broadening beyond mindfulness, the benefits of compassion meditation are profound and numerous, not the least of which is contentment and a sense of joy that may also be infectious to our partner, family members, friends, even co-workers. A compassionate and accepting attitude, toward self and others, may noticeably reduce our distress in difficult times and may become a profound personal resource.  

Just like me... we are all connectedDeveloping the qualities of strength to weather challenges, courage to take action, gratitude and acceptance of our ever-changing world, and resilience to grow in the face of difficulties can support a wide range of goals — from improving personal and work relationships to making a positive difference in the world.

A crucial key to developing compassion in our lives is to make it a daily practice. When striving for happiness and contentment, daily cultivation of compassion becomes tremendously important.  Daily practice doesn’t always need to come in the formal form of sitting on a cushion, but may also be cultivated through informal practices such as looking for acts of kindness around you, expressing gratitude regularly throughout the day, or taking a moment to calm the mind and breathe.

In the Cultivating Compassionate Balance (CCB) course we explore and cultivate practical tools and techniques that help us intentionally choose compassionate and accepting thoughts and actions we can use in everyday life, reinforcing our ability to live compassionately. This, in turn, allows us to better relate to self and others. 

CCB is offered as an eight-week curriculum, facilitated online or in-person, or through a 2 day intensive workshop. It is a unique blend of Taoism, Buddhism, and contemporary psychology, supported by scientific research. This compassion meditation class is designed to help you develop the qualities of acceptance, and compassion for self and others—ultimately providing an overall sense of well-being.  Course Details

CCB courses show us how to cultivate and practice mindfulness, increase self-compassion and self-acceptance, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhance connection with others through tools and techniques that are easily applied in everyday life. Current Course Schedule